Initial Consultation HBS


Contact Dr. Brittany directly for help in choosing the best solution for you.

Initial Consultation


In-depth assessment & personalized health designed to optimize the health of your future baby.

Physician visits

Personalized health plan

Lab work and more

  • 2 physician visits (60 mins each, by video), including in-depth assessment & personalized health plan

  • Behind-the-scenes (120 mins+), in which Dr. Blockman will design your personalized health plan based on the latest integrative and functional medicine research

  • Biomarker testing/Labwork*

  • Personalized health plan to optimize your future baby’s health

Pay with FSA/HSA or insurance-reimbursable, depending on out-of-network plan. We will provide you with an invoice and superbill you may submit to your insurer if interested.

*Please note the cost of lab testing is not included in this fee. You will pay the lab directly or utilize insurance if applicable.


$99 Consultation

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