Science-Backed Integrative Medicine
to Elevate Your Child’s Health

Science-Backed Integrative
Medicine to Elevate
Your Child’s Health

Holistic insights and personalized plans to boost
your child’s health, from womb to dorm room.



We go beyond the basics to help your growing baby or child reach optimal wellness.

Personalized, virtual healthcare informed by
expert integrative + functional pediatric medical science.

+Holistic Guidance


+Nutritional Support


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+People Friendly

Expert Care

Developed by Dr. Brittany Blockman, MD, MA, FAAP

Integrative + Functional Pediatric Health
Consultations delivered via Telehealth

  • Expertly-designed by renowned Integrative Pediatrician
  • Created from proven clinical studies
  • 100% custom-designed treatment plans
  • Unique from conventional treatments
  • Quality products from partner companies
  • Special gifts & offers for you
  • Created by a mother of 3
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Discover safe, natural approaches to optimal child health.
Personalized protocols designed by an Integrative Pediatric expert.

Healthy Baby Secrets

We empower you with science-backed, expert integrative pediatric guidance starting prenatally or prior to conception. Take a proactive first investment in your child's health before they're even born. The earlier you start, the greater impact we can have.

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Integrative Child Health

We address the root causes of your child’s illness, no matter the diagnosis. We help you boost your child’s health naturally, without medication, and backed by research. Whether you have a healthy child or one who is struggling, we can help.

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